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Add more intention to your life.

Mindful Productivity 


The "What "

Creating Systems

Let's create productivity systems that accelerate your personal, creative, and business projects.

Building Solutions

The "Why "

Life management solutions that help make more room for intentional living.


Remember: Productivity Is Not The Goal - 


It's the journey. Making more time for the things you love is the goal. Creating life intentionally helps with staying true to your self and cultivating what it is you want, not what you're expected to want.


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self-creation noun

self-cre·​a·​tion | \ ˌself-krē-ˈā-shən  \

definition: "the development or formation of one's identity or conception of oneself, self-invention"

Nearly 5 years ago I left home and moved to the other side of the planet, leaving everything I knew behind. I had the chance to reinvent myself, so I did - and realised quickly that who you are is not about where we live. It's about who lives on the inside. This sparked my journey of what I call "Self-Creation." 

Counsciously creating yourself is a path you walk on so many different levels and it's never really "the easy route", But reaching for truth has been the most transformative of all practices - don't settle for what you're told, question and seek your individual answer. The power I claimed back has been the most significant impact on myself to date.

There's two tools I want you to take on this journey of finding your own path:

  • Mindful Productivity: Systems made of habits & routines form your daily life and your daily life creates your future - however, very often "common" productivity systems overlook the most important tool to success and efficiency: your energy. I'll show you how making this the centre of your attention will transform your relationship with productivity forever.

  • Conscious Personal Growth: A lifelong journey everyone is on - yet nowadays the term "personal growth" is often overused in advertising & marketing, promising you a shortcut to improving yourself. The Path to Self-Creation is a fundamental building block of how we approach personal growth here: It stays on the contrary end, drawing a cycle going deeper and deeper into your self. Instead of more, I'm inviting us all to go deeper.

A profound thing I once read said: "We're here to teach that which helps ourselves the most." So I am you and you are me and I'm inspired to rise together!

All the love, Celine Linesse

Image by Daria Rom

Work With Me

  • I help individuals to develop a custom productivity system that works for them and to set up their personal or business workspace in notion according to their individual situation.

  • I help businesses / content creators looking for assistance in content creation, branding, web design and managing your team and workflow.

notion setups / custom productivity systems

This if for you if you're looking for a custom-made personal or business workspace in notion according to your individual situation.

branding / content management

This is for you if you are a business / content creator looking for assistance in content creation, branding, web design and managing your workflow.

Work With Me

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