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Cyclic Work / Practical Life Managmeent

Mindful Productivity

Mindful Productivity introduces a different approach than most common productivity systems by tapping into powerful energies and working alongside, not against, your emotional phases.  By doing so, it takes advantage of what most other ideas about planning & productivity completely fail to recognise: the unlimited power of your state of mind & your energy. Mindful Productivity acknowledges that the "why" behind your desire for productivity is as important as the "how". Productivity for the wrong reasons just keeps you busy, productivity for the right reasons will help you create a life you love. 

Have you ever heard the saying "we live by the sun and feel by the moon"? The moon phases powerfully connect to our energy, feelings and emotional cycles. That's why its phases work as a perfect guide to working with our own energy in order to create the most powerful productivity system you have ever used. Click through the relevant phases and discover how to work with each moon.


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Planning and organisation are topics I'm almost as obsessed about as I am about the moon. Creating a structure in your life that accelerates your productivity to the maximum and coming up with systems to optimise the flow of daily life has been a passion of mine for as long as I remember, which is why I'm very excited to share what works best for me with you.

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