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Platform: Notion

Resources, Tips, Templates + How To's

What is notion?

Notion is an online surface that allows you to use overviews, databases, calendars and more to organise your entire life digitally.

This program lets you create different pages with different kinds of content, like tables, lists, galleries, calendars & co which you can either create from scratch or you can use templates.

People all over the world use notion to take notes, write to do lists, plan their day, organise all their projects, track their life and business goals, manage their brand and their team, create and schedule online content, and keep track of their finances and analytics. 

In short, notion is life changing and this space is all about how to use it to get the most of it and to suit your individual needs. 

Need help with Notion?

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  • I help individuals to develop a custom productivity system that works for them and to set up their personal or business workspace in notion according to their individual situation.

  • I help businesses / content creators looking for assistance in content creation, branding, web design and managing your team and workflow.


Mindful Productivity Collective

A special group where we collect, share, and talk about mindful productivity, life-management, planning, and organisation in relation to NOTION. 


A collection of all notion templates I published to date in one place.

Extra: Minimal Notion Icons

Collection of Templates