DAY-SIE | Waxing Crescent [1]

✹ a f f i r m a t i o n

I am renewed and rejuvenated.

✎ j o u r n a l a t t e m p t

The new moon this month took place in aries, which is associated with moving forwards. Write down how you feel to unwind and release this intense energy.

☉ e m o t i o n m o t i f s

Look for feelings like intensity, aliveness and purity today.

➶ g r o w t h c h a l l e n g e

Embrace this new beginning. Look at the intentions you've set and pick 3 habits you will make top priority for the next 7 days.

☾ l u n a r c y c l e

Even though la luna starts to wax from today on, the new moon energy is still present. If you haven't yet written your new moon manifestation or have set any intentions, it is still time to do so. Bathe in the energy of new beginnings. [🌒]