DAY-SIE | Waxing Crescent [5]

✹ a f f i r m a t i o n

I choose to create my reality.

✎ j o u r n a l a t t e m p t

Write about your day, yesterday or any chosen day in the past. Whatever it is that is stored in your memory, write it from a positive perspective. Recite that day as if it was the best day of your life. This helps to stimulate our brain to focus on more positivity and therefore, creates more positivity in our day to day life.

☉ e m o t i o n m o t i f s

Look for feelings like positivity, optimism and joy today.

➶ g r o w t h c h a l l e n g e

Have you crafted your vision board of this cycle yet? No? Today's the day then. Whether you do it on paper or use Pinterest to make a collage of things that you desire and use it as your wallpaper - get creative and don't fear to dream big, Remember: all you need to do is ask, and it's given.

☾ l u n a r c y c l e

As we are getting closer to the first quarter, the moon is supporting us by giving us the energy of action and response. Put out there what you want to create more of. [🌒]


A daisy symbolises love, beauty, and new beginnings (norse mythology) as well as transformation (roman history) and innocence and purity (celtic legends). Let these daisy's (DAY-SIE'S) guide you every morning to a new beginning to the day, reminding you of its innocence and potential.