DAY-SIE | Waning Gibbous [2]

✹ a f f i r m a t i o n

I am aware of all the energy and light that surrounds me. I am energised and excited to receive my manifestations.

✎ j o u r n a l a t t e m p t

Write down the things you already saw yourself receiving. You might actually have received your desires already, you might have received signs that they are on your way, you might have visualised to receive them. Write down every occurrence as if it has already happened.

☉ e m o t i o n m o t i f s

Look for feelings like guidedness, helpfulness and trust today.

➶ g r o w t h c h a l l e n g e

Implement the second of your full moon practices today.

☾ l u n a r c y c l e

We will feel the full moon energy until up to three days afterwards. It is a time or harvesting, visualising, meditating, and being grateful. Our actions show that we are open to receive the blessings of this period. Send out what you want to draw in. [🌖]