DAY-SIE | Waxing Gibbous [6]

✹ a f f i r m a t i o n

I am connected to everything around me.

✎ j o u r n a l a t t e m p t

Take yourself on a visual meditation. Write about a soul journey to your favourite (imaginary) place.

☉ e m o t i o n m o t i f s

Look for feelings like vision, spirituality and awakeness today.

➶ g r o w t h c h a l l e n g e

Go on youtube or Soundcloud and find a guided meditation journey (or this shorter "gentle" escape and let your mind wander.

☾ l u n a r c y c l e

The waxing gibbous moon stabilises your trust in the universe just before the Full Moon. Faith and belief are motifs to look for during this time. [🌔]