Universal Energy: Spirit, Source, God - Explanation

I’m absolutely passionate about the theme I’m coaching you in this week - which is probably because until a couple of months ago, I was super suspicious about it myself. The following paragraphs will summarise the main ideas of this weeks’ videos. 

May 25, 2018

Simple Proofs of Universal Energy (Shakti, Spirit, Chi, God, Power…?)

Since our brain is trained to believe only what is scientifically approved, I’ll start off with the physical perspective of Universal Energy. No other but Albert Einstein said: E=mc2 - “Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared.” On the most basic level, the equation says that energy and mass (matter) are interchangeable; they are different forms of the same thing. An object is an energy vibrating on a specific frequency. So everything we know is energy vibrating on a frequency. The objects in our physical world as well as the thoughts and emotions in our mind. We can call it vibe, atmosphere, feeling - everything is energy vibrating on a different level. Focusing on the historical perspective of Universal Energy, we know that the eastern world has always worked, healed, and lived with this energy principles: teachings of yoga, mediation, chinese medicine & healing energy within us “spirit, shakti, chi” - the energy that can fuel us independently from how much we’ve been eating or sleeping. We will find ourselves in the same physical circumstances, the difference is our mindset - after a sleepless night, our energy level will be completely different if we look forward to going to school or spending a fun day with someone. And finally, the Universal Energy from a personal perspective: Commonly known under a different name, there’s a source of energy so powerful that it can change our whole experience of life: LOVE. When we are acting from a state of love, everything is beautiful, we feel energised, excited, happy. Nothing can bring us down. We are in a state of ecstasy. The incredible power of love has been proven so many times, its healed, protected and connected people.

4 Easy Steps to Access the Infinite Energy within you

Imagine energy flowing in and out of you constantly. You can picture it like your blood system - the center of it is your heart. It pumps blood through your veins which then circulates in your body. Energy, too, has centers: one is your heart, another common one is your solar plexus or your third eye for example. But other than blood, energy keeps you connected to the whole universe. To everything around you. There is a constant exchange of energy, things you see, feel, sense leave an impression - an energetic print inside you, and you, too, leave an impression on everything else. The main source of this energy is love. This source of energy is so essential that love almost functions as a synonym for energy. The question is, how to experience life in a constant state of love? First, connect with yourself. Your soul is made out of the same essence as everything in this universe is - therefore, you are one with everything else. Second, focus on self-love: If you understand that you are one with everything else, and you practice self-love, you automatically find appreciation and love for everything else. Third, Gratitude: being grateful for all the miracles, beauties, abundances around you. Being grateful is feeling love for everything. And finally, open and never close: one of our main energy centers(=chakras) is our heart: we have the tendency to close whenever something gets uneasy - something does go our way, someone doesn’t behave our way. When we close and shut down, we cut ourselves off our energy supply. We close our heart, stop feeling love and stop coming from a way of love.  We need to learn how to constantly stay open.

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